Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Share the Lex

This video came out a few weeks ago. Since then, I can't stop watching the first 30 seconds.

The video has a quirky sense of humor that I love. It also makes me think about my life in the L-E-X. 

Today is the 1008th day since I move to Lexington. Growing up in a busy and crowded city like Hong Kong, it was hard to imagine there's a place called Bluegrass somewhere in America. When I first moved here in January of 2011, I didn't think I would fall in love with this city. This Love Letters: Lexington, Kentucky by Megan Smith of The Art of Homemaking and this video were just reminders of how much I love this place. 

It is in Lexington where I got engaged, married, bought a house, and kicked off my career. Where I met several of my very good friends. Of course, it is where how this blog got started. On the days when I take Paris Pike to work, I am amazed at the beauty of the Bluegrass, a place that I now call home. 

It is in Lexington where I learn how to bet on horses and appreciate bourbon. Where I found a deeper love with (Southern) food, from barbecue to cheesy grits to fried chicken. With all the new restaurants and food events popping up around Lexington, this is becoming my foodie heaven.    

Watching the video makes me want to Share the Lex and my love for it. As I head into the third year of living in this love city, I am anxious to see what it has to offer. Whether it's stuck in traffic on Nicholasville Road or heading downtown to tryout a new restaurant, in the end, what matters is the city I am in. I embrace what the LEX has to offer and happily becoming a tiny part of it. 

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