Friday, January 11, 2013

San Francisco

The internship has generously gave the interns an extra week off (with take-home assignments, of course). Lucky me. So I took the opportunity and visited my sister who lives in San Francisco. It has been more than ten years since I first visited the Golden Gate city with my family. Named one of the top cities for foodies by Travel+ Leisure, I indulged in Asian dishes that I have missed so much and the ever-changing California cuisine. 


On my first full day in SFO, my sister took me on a 30-mile bike ride. Biking in the city means constant up and down hill, more like a workout than a tour of the city. After brunch at a French-style bistro Zazie, we biked up Presidio and over the Golden Gate Bridge to small towns on the other side of the bay.  While my sister rode past by me in her fancy-pants road bike, I cruised along the bike lane juggling my camera and the bike handles. 

We hiked 6 miles through Muir Woods into Mt Tamalpais in pouring rain. The shivering cold and wet day was rewarded with the best Korean food (Muguboka Restaurant) I've had in a long time. Bibimbop and seafood stew with 14 side dishes. It was heaven.

I took a chocolate factory at TCHO near Fisherman's Warf. It was a tour that opened up a new world about gourmet dessert. So long commercial chocolate. Tasting chocolate is just like tasting red wine. Different cocoa beans will yield different flavors. TCHO created a flavor panel consisting of citrus, chocholatey, fruity, floral, earthy, and nutty. Never chew the chocolate, always let it melts on your tongue and enjoy the flavors of real cocoa. 

Like other tourists, I watched the sea lions amusing their onlookers and I also bought a sourdough from Boudin Bakery. I wanted a hearty bread bowl of clam chowder. Every restaurant at Fisherman's Warf claimed to have the best and the original sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder. Then it came down to dim sum or clam chowder for lunch. Dim sum won.

I loved the food and the scenic views of San Francisco. It definitely lives up to its standard as the top cities to visit. My short visited ended with authentic Mexican food at nopalito. No heaping amount of chedder cheese on top of every dish. I am talking about homemade corn tortilla, slow braised carnitas, fresh ingredients. That's how I wish I eat and cook everyday. Every meal cooked for those who enjoy good food.


  1. Yay! Beautiful pictures! The next time you visit, let me know. Since we couldn't meet in KY, maybe we can in CA. :)

  2. Hope your move went well, Lori. California is a beautiful state, I can't wait to go back!

  3. I was definitely jealous of all of your Instagram photos in San Fran! It's been on our "must-go" list for quite a long time!


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