Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Land of Lincoln

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Every place wants a piece of Linconl claim, whether its Lincoln's birthplace or his childhood home. During my road trip, I visited Springfield, Illinois, the land of Lincoln. Lucky for me, my Lincoln day was 106 degrees outside.

I started off the Lincoln tour with a visit to his tomb since it was across the street from where I was staying. What a magnificent monument, the statues were made of cannons from the Civil War. In front of the tomb, there is a giant Lincoln bust. Rumor has it that touching the nose of giant Lincoln face will bring luck.

f/9, 1/200, ISO 100

The Lincoln tour restarted next morning in a 4 block National Historic Site of Lincoln's Home in the middle of Springfield downtown. It was very neat to see that this small neighborhood was preserved to what it would have been like during Lincoln's residency in Springfield. This house is the only house ever owned by Lincoln. I toured Mary Todd Lincoln's here in Lexington, there was quite a resemblance in decoration between the two houses.

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More importantly, what did Lincoln eat?

This garden was maintained using the methods from 1800s. There were the usual (but heirloom!) garden crops like squash, tomato, onion, garlic, and etc...but one thing I would love to try was salsify, also known as poor man's oyster. Of course, I was busy imaging what Mary Todd Lincoln would make for dinner on this hot summer day.

f/5, 1/640, ISO 100

Salsify would probably not make an appearance in the White House Correspondences' Dinner.
Even President Ronald Regan would agree.

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