Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics 2012!

I have been sitting on a blogger's block. I can't seem to come up with recipes or thoughts that I want to share. I blame it on the heat, wedding planning, and the most addictive TV show. That would be the Olympics. I dug up some pre-DSLR photos from my trip to London and Paris in 2008 during my spring break as an undergraduate. 

What I remember about London are: fish n' chips wrapped in newspaper, bad customer service, fantastic tours of London Tower and Westminster Abbey, endless exhibit rooms in British Museum, Notting Hill, and peas and potatoes in every meal.

I love every part about London.

My family moved to Hong Kong when the area was still under British control, so technically I was a Royal Subject of the Queen. Not really. I saved every Hong Kong coins that had the Queen's profiles on, and I was a little sadden during the Handover in 1997.

In many ways London reminded me of home, even though it was the first time I visited the city. Even some of the terms I was saying were very British, such as "I'm going on a holiday" and "Let's take the lift".  

Olympics brings back memories of my trip.

I love watching these elite athletes from around the world competing. It really brings out what it really means to be an athlete, although I may have to disagree with some of the Olympic events (handball, really?). My favorite sport to watch after marathon (duh!) is diving, a combination of the two most watched sports, gymnastics and swimming. Tonight, I will be watching men's swimming along with cucumber cream cheese sandwich and tea. Cheers!

What's your favorite Olympic sports to watch?

Happy Olympics!


  1. Team USA! Thank you for sharing:-) I'm looking to study abroad at UK during my senior year. It's nice to know that you've lived in Hong Kong for some time because I myself were actually born in Hong Kong!

    1. London would be an awesome place to study abroad. Like HK, but with more historic things.


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