Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fireworks - Take Two

f/10, 5s, ISO 3200

A year ago, I attempted to take some pictures of Fourth of July fireworks and was not successful in doing so. For fireworks this year, I was prepared. For the last few years, Jake and I usually watch fireworks with his grandparents in Wisconsin. I even remembered to pack my tripod at the last second before we headed out the door.

f/10, 5s, ISO 3200

I set aperture to f/10 to get longer exposure, so that I get this effect that all the lights blend in. I planned on setting the ISO lower for better picture quality, however my camera would not take pictures since it was so dark outside.

I did everything I wanted to do from the last post, but looks like not much improvement here. I was hoping for those gorgeous Fourth of July fireworks you see on a postcard.

I bought a Groupon last week for an online photography class through flying photo school. I am pretty excited, because there is so much I can research myself and I could use some critic/suggestions on my photography. It's a learning process, and one of these days I'm going to create postcard-like firework pictures.

f/16, 13s, ISO 3200

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  1. I try to bring my camera to Thunder Over Louisville every year, but always end up with blurry pictures! Maybe one out of 300 will turn out, so it's kind of discouraging! But I personally think yours turned out great =) Good luck with the photography class!


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