Thursday, August 4, 2011


On 4th of July I was hoping to see some major fireworks, but by the time I got to downtown Lexington I had already missed it. The other night there was some extravagant fireworks going on in the richy-rich community across from my apartment complex. So I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping. I managed to get three pictures before the richy-rich fireworks was over. I wished someone could have told me about this fireworks so I had enough time to adjust my camera settings. I am almost embarrassed to post these pictures but I guess this is part of the photography learning process.

f/5, 1/2.5, ISO over 3200

f/14, 1/2, ISO over 3200

f/18, 10s, ISO over 3200

Tripod. Repeat. Tripod.

That was what I needed since longer shutter speed would be ideal for fireworks. Another thing I learned from other photography websites was that low ISO settings will produce better quality even though I thought darker environment usually means higher ISO settings.

Things to remember for the next fireworks: low ISO, set aperture between f/8 and f/16, use bulb setting and hold the shutter open for 5 to seconds, and use a tripod! And hopefully some richy-rich will tell me when he will be doing fireworks for his posh birthday bash.

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