Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road Trip - Part II

After almost week of travel and 1200 miles layer, I'm finally on my way home. Jake and I started our trip to the great dairyland state of Wisconsin, where beer with lunch is a must. I enjoyed a lovely Fourth of July on the beach of Lake Michigan. I had delicious stuffed pizza with spinach and tomato with a Spotted Cow (a microbrewery of New Glarus, Wisconsin).

Later the week we drove down to the Land of Lincoln, passing the Town of Paw Paw to Springfield. We visited Honest Abe's tombstone and his home. We ate at Taste of Downtown in Springfield when it was 106 degrees outside. Eating yummy green chile beef tacos in what it felt like living with a giant hair dryer on all the time is almost worth it. Chicken salads have became my go-to meal when there is a only a handful of fast food restaurants available.

We finished our trip with our good friends' wedding at a rustic winery. It was a beautiful and sweet event that brought smiles and a little of tears. I love traveling on the road, especially with my beat friend. But I miss Lola and being able to cook for myself. I can be sure there be no chicken salad on my menu for a while.

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