Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All Things Lost

Yesterday my worst blogging nightmare actually happened.

I lost ALL of my pictures.


I was editing pictures on ViewNX2 (Nikon picture viewing and editing program) and all the sudden the program shuts down. When I reopened the program, the entire picture folder went missing. I searched every folder on my computer drive and even in the trash.


What should I do?!?!

On the bright side, I no longer have 20 pictures some dish that I made and never made it on the blog. 

Forget that thought, I want my pictures back! I posted a thread on Microsoft forum, and no helpful tips yet. I guess I should have used that external hard drive.

What's not lost is my appetite.

Last week I had some interesting dining experience. I went to an elementary in rural West Virginia to help out with the school's health fair. Some interns and I made smoothies for kids to try while we explained MyPlate to them. During lunch, I decided to be adventurous and try the school lunch. Well, lunch turned out to be large romaine lettuce, off green peas, boxed mashed potato, overcooked pasta with meat chunks, and half of an orange. Not the best lunch I ever had, but I was impressed that there was no fried food. At least half of the tray was vegetables and fruit.

The next day, Jake and I finally got to try Bourbon n' Toulouse over at Chevy Chase. I love love love the food. I had shrimp etouffee and Jake had white chicken chili. There was all sorts of hot sauce to try out, including local Kentuckian Sadistic Mistress Sauces. Yum yum. The only thing is thatI wish I had more rice (haha can you tell I'm Chinese). The Creole and Cajun spices reminded me of my trip to New Orleas and how I miss the food. This place definitely requires a second visit.

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