Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Contest

Here is how I know whether my photography skills has improved since I got my camera in December: a photo contest has opened up at Henry Clay, the winner photos will be selected for the 2012 Ashland calendar. This contest only allows amateur photographers and all photos must be taken at Henry Clay Estate. Fair enough, I think I can take on the competitors.The immaculate gardens at Henry Clay makes it a great place for taking pictures, needless to say, I got plenty of pictures to choose from for this competition. Here are my finalists for submission:

f/3.5, 1/2500, ISO 400

f/18, 1/80, ISO 800

f/14, 1/200, ISO 400

f/5.6, 1/800, ISO 800

f/18, 1/100, ISO 800

I submitted with the last three photos. I will hear back in November if they even considered looking at my photos or if all three photos are in the calendar. We will see.

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  1. Love all of these pics, but the last one is my fav!


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