Sunday, October 2, 2011


The other day I went to an exciting football game.
f/18, 1/50, ISO 400
It was as exciting as going to my alma mater University of Wisconsin Badger's football game, only cuter.
f/14, 1/60, ISO 400

 Each play had a little helmet, little uniform, little paddings, but big ambitions.

f/5.3, 1/200, ISO 400

Catch me if you can!

f/8, 1/250, ISO 400


f/7.1, 1/200, ISO 400

Touch down!

f/7.1, 1/250, ISO 400

You guessed it, it was a middle school football game.
Where the parents, family members, teachers, cheerleaders, and fellow classmates cheered like it was the greatest game on Earth. The game that could possibly be made into a Hollywood-heartfelt-movie. Another touchdown later, it was a game that will be forever remembered by these little bumpkins. It was a sweet and heart feeling moment when all the team members huddled together to celebrate their victory.

f/13, 1/80, ISO 400

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