Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Orleans!

f/9, 1/100, ISO 100
Last week I had one too many beignets at Cafe Du Monde, endless pounds of boiled crawfish, jambalaya, and gumbo (and still not enough!). It was any foodie's heaven. I was in New Orleans in a week with my sister, eating my way through the city and admiring beautiful mansions.

There was music every corner. We went to a couple restaurants with live jazz music, where people danced freely as if everyday is a Friday.

f/5, 1/200, ISO 200

I kept imaging what it would be like living in one of these apartments in the French Quarter. I could listen to live music, chow down on good food, and shop at cute boutiques. What a life.

f/10, 1/125, ISO 100

f/8, 1/40, ISO 200

Jackson Square

f/13, 1/200, ISO 200

Best way to tour the city is to take the street car.

f/8, 1/640, ISO 400

This is the magical beignet with sugary wonder dust. I had beignets at Cafe Du Monde four times of the five days we were there. Yes, it was that good.

f/3.2, 1/200, ISO 200

Did you know there are about 2 million alligators living in the swamps of southern Louisiana? And they love marshmallows?

I went on a swamp tour (it was nothing like Swamp People) outside New Orleans. There was alligators everywhere, which to my surprise, are very gentle and calm creatures. I even held a baby one.The tour guide fed alligators marshmallows and raw chicken. Sounds like a well-balanced meal.

f/9, 1/320, ISO 400

I love every part of New Orleans, minus the heat and humidity. I have grown to love Creole cuisine and its culture. I took pictures of all the good foods I had, which I will write about later. I miss the beautiful city already. It's magical.


  1. Alligators love marshmellows?? I never would have guessed such a thing!

    1. Yes, apparently racoons love marshmallows too!

  2. Very nice photos! I would love to visit New Orleans too. Very interesting place to visit, so special that their alligators love the marshmallow...LOL!

    Of all, I like the magical beignet with sugary wonder dust the most...Yum!


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