Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dinner Tonight

Much of my nutrition career is teaching about MyPlate. I love the concept, because it's easy to understand and follow without worrying too much about serving sizes. The idea of MyPlate is that 1/4 of the plate should be lean protein, 1/4 whole wheat product (rice, bread, pasta, potato, etc...), and 1/2 fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that the dinner plate needs to be a reasonable size, not restaurant plates. When I was helping out a weight loss class, my students always complained how hard it was to keep up with the amount of veggie and fuirts per day. MyPlate gives a good visual presentation of what a meal should like. So I decided to take pictures of my dinner for the last week and half, just to see if I met the MyPlate standard.

Day 1: Pan-fried salmon, boiled broccoli with carrot-ginger vinegrette, and buttered homemade no-knead bread.

Day 2: Left over from Cinco de Mayo. Two whole wheat taco shells with sautee zucchini, black beans and tomato stew, shredded chicken, top with chedder cheese and hot sauce.

Day 3: Baked pork chop with chili lime panko breading (from Kraft Fresh Take), oven roasted asparagus, and buttered homemade no-knead bread.

Day 4: Chinese noodles with sauce and bacon-green beans. I am not even sure how to describe the sauce. It was sent to me from my Mom in Taiwan, it's dark, chunky, and lots of flavor and spices.

Day 5:  Whole wheat penne with homemade marinara sauce and leftover oven-roasted asparagus.

You might have noticed that several of my food posts have these very unphotogenic orange bowls. They are from my college days, I am waiting for the day when I do my wedding registry for grown-up dish set.

Day 6: Homemade barbeque chicken and broccoli chedder pizza. We had friends over for a pizza party, I was too busy chit-chatting and forgot to take pictures of my plate.

I think I did a pretty good job with keeping the protein at a reasonable portion and having vegetables in all of my meals. I have at least another serving of vegetable for lunch and 3-4 fruits per day.

What does your dinner plate look like?


  1. This post is right up my alley. Lots of fish and broccoli over this way. And loads of baby spinach this time of year. And berries...I could go on and on. Not too many heavy carbs like pasta and rice and bread. I just haven't been craving them recently and I find lots of substitutes that taste much yummier.

  2. I like the Mexican dinner the best. We don't usually eat Mexican food at home and yours look professional cooked.


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