Monday, June 11, 2012

Instagram Love

I finally gave up my not-so-smart phone and upgraded to an iPhone 4s. It was an instant love. Not to mention all the awesome apps that I can use to find restaurants, maps, blog, and more. Even better, I am in love with Instagram. A bit slow on the "look-I-can-take-vintage-photo" move, but it definitely brings in another creative aspect with photography.

Now I can take pictures of every meal I have and every place I visit, and them share with the world in a touch of the screen. Wow, I sound like I just learned how to use the Internet. 

This weekend jake and I went to Cincinnati for a friend's weekend. My iPhone and Instagram worked well in low light situations (beats my DSLR when I don't have a speedlight or prime lens).

Although some pictures I took from this weekend look like they are from an lost-and-found roll of film (remember those?)

It's more than aiming with my phone and click. Understanding which one of the numerous photo edit options takes lots of trial and error to create a life-like photo. Such small device with some genius photography mind can create this awesome app. Give it a try. You'd love it.

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  1. It's so ironic that you would post this...I just downloaded Instagram for the first time yesterday!

    1. That's funny, it was the first app I downloaded.



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