Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Water Polo

I am still watching the Olympics like it is a daytime soap show. Every night I spend 3 hours glued to the TV. Although I can't say I am loving NBC's nightly Olympics broadcast. For two nights this week, I have watched numerous track and field heats, when the exciting events don't start until late at night. Moreover, the women's marathon was not shown on TV! Wait, before an event there has to be a heartfelt story about certain American athlete. Nevertheless, I still enjoy watching the triumph of these athletes. Maybe less water polo, boxing, and other "sports" that are more "games". I think a sport is an event in which one can train physically for, in order to become better at it. Such as running or swimming. Well, convince me if I'm wrong.

I am starting my dietetic internship in about a week. I am excited to move on with my career, but nervous. Summer is passing by way too fast.

Meanwhile I made an awesome dinner this Sunday, baked tilapia with cherry tomatoes, sauté garlic green bean, and baked sweet potato.

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