Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lexington Farmer's Market 2012

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Today is the first day for outdoor Lexington Farmer's Market at Cheapside Pavillion in downtown. A few girls from my master's program and I had the opportunity to set up a booth at the market (coordinated by me!). We gave free health information, nutrition advices, and recipes. Thanks to our neighbor Elmwood Stock Farm, who lent us a tent. If you were there, you probably saw me.

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When I was living in Madison, Wisconsin, going to farmer's market was a weekly ritual. The market was at least 4 times bigger than Lexington's, and 10 times more the amount of cheese. I miss the hot spicy cheese breads. Truckloads of these savory breads would come throughout market hours and the they get sold out instantly. Oh and I must not forget the squeeky fresh cheese curds! (Google it if you don't know what they are, it's a must have Wisconsin staple)

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Why can't my tomatoes look like this?
Silly me did not think to cover up the tomatoes on my balcony during last week's frost, now most leaves have died except for the stem. I am really hoping for a good comeback.

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I was a bit disappointed to find that most produce today were actually from Florida. On the other hand, I had a great time this morning getting to know the people of Lexington. I talked to a geologist, a couple professors, moms, visitors from Miami, culinary students and more. People come from all over the country and choose Lexington as their home. Everyone I spoke to loves living here and now I see why.

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I am really looking forward to more locally grown veggies like this beautiful lettuce in a few weeks.
Whee can't wait!
My group and I will be there every other week, so stop by next time!

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