Monday, April 30, 2012

Urban Dare Lexington

Here is a quick but requires good fitness way to know Lexington, do the Urban Dare.
This past Saturday Jake and I completed Urban Dare Lexington. It is kind of like the Amazing Race, but local edition. We were given 12 clues that lead us to certain spots in the city where we would need to take a group picture or do a dare. We ran at least 7 miles around the city taking pictures, doing wheel-barrels, and answering trivia questions. We were a bit technical-challenged as we were probably the only team without a smart phone. We went to my hairdresser's shop nearby and used their internet. Luckily we also had lots of good friends who kept texting us the answers.


I now know where "Best one night stand in America" is (Lexington Opera House), the real name of the singer Prince, and the real name of "Our Gang". Sadly we got one of the clues wrong, it turned out that the founder of Kentucky University (Transylvania University) is not Henry Clay. Those Transylvania University students had us fooled. I was really hoping to move onto Super Dare in Milwaukee, maybe next year. Jake and I had an awesome time, one of these days we could probably win the Amazing Race.

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