Friday, December 9, 2011

This Week

From my lack of posts this week, you might think that I overdosed on the snickernoodles. Well, I almost. Here is a list of what I did this week:

I got up early to cover someone at work, meanwhile I took a moment or two to enjoy the sunrise.

f/6.3, 1/20, ISO 400

I went to a multicultural fair at a middle school...

f/8, 1/40, ISO 1600

...where I learned about Ireland, had German food, tried Ukraine cake, and indulged in homemade tacos.

f/8, 1/60, ISO 1600

At the fair, I came upon these cute little Christmas trees. Then I wonder why I can't be as creative as the sixth graders who made them.

f/4.5, 1/125, ISO 1600

Through mid-week I realized that finals are next week. Next week!
No, I did not take power naps under the warm winter sun like my slightly-overweight-dog here.  Her weight-in this week revealed that those extra munches during Thanksgiving didn't help with the weight-loss process.

f/10, 1/160, ISO 400

I also realized that I have lots of presents to wrap. So in between studying, I did this while hoping there would be a rerun of Elf on TV.

f/7.1, 1/40, ISO 1600

The Holiday is just around the corner, a couple more weeks then we are almost there!

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